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​Why Golf is More Than a Game

My father had a neat little trick. I recall the first time he performed it for me. I was a boy, grade school age. Carrying two golf balls and a sand wedge, Dad marched me out to the backyard of our hom

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A spiritual manual that rebrands God

Red Dress is about a 40-something career mum who seems to have it all but is falling apart. On the outside, her life is beautiful. On the inside, it's painful. Her marriage is dysfunctional, and she's time-starved. Red Dress is set in London, where I lived for 30 years.

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The Last Mystery of World War Two

The wizard war is what Churchill called the technological competition between the combatants of the second world war.

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FOREWORD REVIEWS INDIES 2020 BOOK AWARD This is all he asks of you nomination

Collective Ink is delighted that This is all he asks of you by Anne Egseth has made the final short list for best FOREWORD REVIEWS 2020 INDIES BOOK AWARD.

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The Essential Historical Fiction 2021 Reading List

Top Hat books publish fiction that captures the contrasts, the achievements, the optimism and the radicalism of ordinary and extraordinary times across the world. Here is a selection of our choice titles and readers picks...

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Mental health heritage When Families pretend everything is ok

When families pretend all is right, nothing ever is​...My mother believed in pretending. Pretend you are strong, pretend you never feel nervous, or anxious, or God forbid, depressed. Act. Pretend you are Jewish in front of Jews, and Christian in front of Christians.

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There are Demons among us

He has coal-black reptilian skin, horns that curve toward the sky, and hooves as sharp as the edge of a razor. He stands an imposing eight feet tall, and a snake-like tail juts from the base of his spine.

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Dare you read the essential terrifying Halloween reading list

Dare you read the essential Halloween reading list...​ How many will you read...what will you invite into your home?

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Essential Winter Fiction Reading

Collective Ink offers a vast range of carefully crafted and selected titles available on all E-readers, through Amazon, Kindle, Hive, Barnes and Noble and where ever books are sold. You are never alone when you have a great book to read

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England 1527 King Henry desires a son and a divorce from his wife Katherine who can't give him one setting his eyes on Anne Boleyn

Though the story of King Henry’s Great Matter is well known, having been popularized many times over in books, plays, films, TV documentaries, etc., I want to convey the complex triangular interplay between Katherine, Henry and Anne

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Your essential chilling reading Winter reading list is here

Snuggle up, brave new worlds, experience chilling encounters and voyage to incredible destinations with the essential winter reading list.

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BIGFOOT: The shocking Truth

Bigfoot Documentary makers and author believe they have discovered the true origin of Bigfoot.

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